RG OO Raiser + GNR 010 1/144


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RG OO Raiser + GNR 010 1/144

Key highlights of this model are:

  • Advanced MS joint adopted.
  • Reproduce the shine of metal that cannot be easily reproduced by painting with realistic decals. Produces the sparkle inside the GN condenser.
  • Reproduce the combination with 00 Gundam by using the slide mechanism of the O Raiser and the wing part and the movement of each part.
  • Adopts a circular motion movable structure that enables sword play action.
  • GN drive can be attached and detached. Particle storage tank type can also be reproduced.
  • A variety of markings are also included.

The RG OO Raiser + GNR 010 1/144 model has the following accessories:

  • Molded product x 12
  • Realistic decal x 1
  • Assembly manual x 1

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