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Guess the Mode Part 4 (The Hips)

The latest series in the guess the model is going to cover the hips. If you haven’t seen the other parts it starts here. To quickly summarise for anyone just joining the series.

I take a model I have to build. Then following the exact order in the manual I build the pieces and post here. Readers can then guess what the mode is. Hopefully, it will also highlight how I am building the models, and I will also highlight any gotchas or issues as well as any high points I find while building the section.

Without further ado here are the hips!

As you can see this was a relatively short piece to put together. I have to say I enjoyed making this section. Although very simple, there are some very nice. For example the yellow covers on the front lift slightly then pivot forwards to give this:

Guns showing
Guns showing

I think that is an amazing mechanic, and a lovely touch to the model. I could quite literally sit there all day opening and closing those as the fit is so smooth.

So that is it for todays guess the model. I imagine that most people have it from the earlier parts but we will continue on!

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