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Shop Update

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Update on the shop

I finally have an update on the shop! HMRC have provided the VAT number and EORI number for the company. I have passed on all the new details to the supplier. Hopefully I will be able to use their platform to get stock in very soon.

What happens next?

Once the stock arrives I will be able to add all the details on to the website and ensure everything in there is up to date.

As you can imagine this isn’t something that I am going to rush. I plan on ensuring that the can make the prices as competitive as possible. As well as price checking I will also be measuring all the various box sizes. With this information I can order the correct packaging.

Amongst the other items I am hoping to get my hands on one or two PG Gundam Unicorn RX-0 1/60.

PG Gundam Unicorn RX-0 1/60
PG Gundam Unicorn RX-0 1/60

How long will all this take?

I’ll be honest I don’t have a clue. I want it all to be up as soon as possible so that I can start getting models to people who want them as soon as possible.

Anything else?

I was looking at the various options for postage and there are a few options. It would appear that Royal Mail are competitive with the parcel companies. However, I do need to check on whether those options require VAT adding to them. Some of the Royal Mail options do not, and some do, as delivering the item to you is a “service” according to the way everything works apparently.

I am, however, also planning on providing the option for people to pick up their orders from me directly if they are close enough and would like to do things that way. Postage to me isn’t a way to make a bit extra, it is something that needs to be kept trimmed as close to cost as humanly possible. So if it is cheaper for you to pick an item up, then I say that is a great option.