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General Update 09/04/2022



“General Update 09/04/2022” is a quick opportunity to catch everyone up on where I, and the shop, are at the moment.

Hours in the Day

As the title says, I sometimes find myself wishing that a day was 48 hours, or I could make 48 hours. After managing to get the PG models I had in, packaged and sent, I then got the rest of that box onto the site. Over the last week or so I also managed to get the rest of the models on the site.

I have now managed to get a nice (and slowly growing) selection of Master Grade models on the store, as well as a growing selection of The Witch From Mercury models as well.

Delpi Decals

I am starting to work through the list of people who had pre-ordered the Delpi Decals with me. Once that is done I will add everything else to the site for general availability. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the Decals when I release them please have a look at and let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to order in.


As well as all the other items I have also been sorting out some technical items. I have been trying to make keeping all the data I have on stock organised. To this end I’ve moved the database to an online solution. I have also automated loading sales into the database so I can accurately check the stock.

In my previous post (or one of them) I mentioned that I updated the product search plugin. This adds the functionality that it now searches the tags. I am also slowly, but surely, working my way through adding codes and series names to the tags. This widens the options people have for finding the products they want.


All this means that as I work on slightly different strands things are slowly, but surely, improving. The amount of products in stock is slowly growing, and the data and access to the products is growing.