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Guess the Model Part 5 – The Legs

Welcome back to Guess the Model Part 5 – The Legs. If you haven’t seen the rest of the series then the first post can be found here. The premise is simple. I grab a model from my backlog. Each day (or each post at least) I build one section from the manual, in the order that it appears in the manual. You then get to guess what model this is.

Today we are covering the legs.

I will admit that I never really grasped the size of the model. All the parts so far didn’t feel so much bigger. However when I put the legs together I began to really get a feel for the scale. I just put the legs next to my RG Zaku II and it makes the RG look small. I just went to have another look and with the hips attached that is pretty much the Zaku II in size!

There you have it, I’m pretty sure you will have guessed the mode by now but I’ll carry on with the other bits just for completion.

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