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Entry Grade Models


Following on from yesterdays post, I wanted to showcase another Entry Grade model that is coming back in to stock, the RX-78-2 Full Weapon Set.

As I covered yesterday (here) the Entry Grade models seem to have a popularity all of their own. Today I wanted to look at the RX-78-2 Full Weapon Set as it really offers amazing value for money.

What is to love?

So what is it about this Entry Grade kit that I think makes it such good value, and such a great kit. I’ll start with the images.

Looking at those images, it is amazing that in an Entry Grade kit that Bandai have managed to create such an authentic looking, visually stunning suit. I realise that this is a suit that has been done many times, and was always going to be a stalwart, but for me it is a classic that I never tire of.

So not only do you get the model itself, which I absolutely love, you also get the additional weapons. These aid in creating the pose or scene that you really favour with the model. That is a lot of kit, for an absolutely amazing price. The accessories in this kit are.

  • Beam Rifle x 1
  • Shield x 1
  • Beam Saber x 2
  • Hyper Bazooka x 1
  • Beam Javelin x 1
  • Gundam Hammer x 1


With all this packed in to one kit I can see why it is popular with builders! I will have a couple of these in stock, once my new order is completed and in. This may be the new year, so stay posted and I’ll update everyone when I update the stock on the shop.

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