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The Witch From Mercury – Dilanza


With the release of the Witch from Mercury, as you would expect Bandai are also releasing new model kits. These kits both support, and complement the show.

The fifth suit I felt I should cover is the Dilanza. In the Witch from Mercury this suit is manufactured by the Jeturk company.

Using the parts supplied you can build this suit in one of two configurations. The standard type. or the Character A type. I believe the different versions relate to the version of the suit used by two different characters in the show (Lauda, and Guel).


The current estimates delivery date in Europe is currently March 2023. However, I would imagine there is some leeway on this. Firstly the actual shipment needs to come in, and with the current global challenges in shipping etc, the date may well be subject to change.

The Model

I make no bones about it, I am a fan of the chunky suits. There is something about the presence of this. Looking at the images it has a solid presence, with the details in the legs and torso being solidly defined and having amazing character. The feet on this model also look distinctive. To me, they look slightly like cows hooves, I don’t know if that is deliberate or just me. Again, personally, I am more a fan of the “Character A build style on this. However they both have their pros and cons. Ultimately it would depend on personal preference.


I would really enjoy building this model. I think there would be a great level of satisfaction. Also looking at it I feel that it would be a great model to paint. I look forward to this model being in the wild in the UK and more available.

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