About Us

I want to take the opportunity to tell you a little about us, or in this case me! Growing up I loved all sorts of games and gaming. Starting with lead models and pen and paper RPG games, and progressing to typing in programs from magazines. I cut my teeth on classics like Jet Set Willy and Attic Attack.

However, like many, as I got older other priorities took over and there was not enough time to hobby.

When the pandemic struck I suddenly, like many people, found I had “spare time”. I thought this was a fantastic time to re-ignite my passion with hobbies. I researched, and then purchased my first Gunpla model. Below you can see him in all his glory!


I learnt a lot putting together this first kit. The first and foremost was that I loved not having to worry about super gluing my fingers to the model. I also found that building these models was hugely satisfying.

While looking for models I found that UK builders were often having to order from abroad. This also led to some, less scrupulous people, trying to sell models at massively inflated prices. I spent hours looking through models to find ones I liked. Often however I would find it was out of stock. This frustration led me to want to help provide models to hobbyists in the UK at fair rates.

I want hobbyists to be able to rediscover that same joy I did when I came back, and I want to help remove any roadblocks from that happening to people.

While searching the internet to look at various pricing models I sometimes found sites that would seemingly have the models in for, what would appear to be, very cheap prices. However, they were often on pre-order or just out of stock. That led me to coin the phrase “Anyone can be cheaper when they don’t have it in stock.”

So after planning, and searching, and putting everything together I decided it was worth putting together this business. With one very simple manifesto:

  • Keep prices competitive
  • Only show items you have in stock

That is it. Short and simple. I aim to only show you what I can literally put straight in a package and post to you, and I aim to do it as competitively as possible.

If there is anything you would like to ask me then please follow the contact link at the bottom of the page.