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07/05/2023 Quick Update

Moderoid 8


Welcome to “07/05/2023 Quick Update”. I am really sorry I haven’t been updating more regularly! I will try and get a lot more model kit information up over the coming weeks! The last few weeks have been busy to say the least!


Well there are a few things to update on stock. I have for starters got some of the Witch from Mercury kits in stock. Starting with these beauties!

On top of what I currently have in I will also be getting a fresh supply of MGSD Freedom models. If you are interested in those then let me know as they seem to shift fast and I can put it aside for you.

It is also worth noting that although stock is low on the Beguir-Pente and Michaelis I am due an fresh shipment of them on Tuesday.

Delpi Decals

You may, or may not be aware, but I also stock Delpi Decals. I have a selection in stock, and I have just put in an order for a load more. If you want to pick up some custom decal sheets then have a look here.


I have also picked up a couple of Moderoid models. I have put in orders for some more, just to give people a slightly different selection from the standard. For those I have these three currently.


So stock wise I am continuing to grow the selection in stock and to try and make sure people get what they want at reasonable prices. That pretty much concludes “07/05/2023 Quick Update”. All that is left is for me to thank everyone for their support, and to wish you all a great week.

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