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Build Intermission

Falling HG

Ok I admit I didn’t do any building last night. I had so many things on it just got skipped. So this is a mini intermission between the build parts.

Of course that leaves me with the question of what to do to fill the blog! Well thankfully I had a little something in my back pocket.

So I have been trying to work out how to take better photos of my kits. Again, I feel there are going to be a lot more posts on this topic as I learn more.

So before I leap in to what I was playing with let me show you the starting picture.

Ok well after searching my hard drive and my network storage apparently I didn’t keep my original image.

So lesson number 1: Remember to keep the original image!

I will, however, try and describe it.

I posed by RX80-BR figure on one of my stands in front of a green screen. Then I took some pictures. After moving them to the laptop I proceeded to open them up in GIMP and choose what I wanted to work with. After filtering through the images I picked my favourite and got to work.

First I had to set up an alpha channel. Then I used the colour select to select the green and remove a load of it. This highlighted lesson number 2. Lighting is all important. Without good lighting making everything consistent you end up with different shades and bits and pieces of green left. I then moved onto my second tool of choice. I zoomed in and proceeded to use the multi select tool to trace the edges and remove any colour too close to the model.

After an hour or twos work I finally had something I could work with … wait I may be able to show you …

No Background!
No Background!

This brings me to lesson number 3. Always do things in layers, that way you can add and remove them from the view, or even junk them and start again if needed.

My final step was to select a background and add a blur to it. This gave me the final image which looks like this.

Falling HG
Falling HG

For a first attempt I was quite happy with this. I think it is something that I would enjoy working on improving, and coming up with more ideas for.

If you would like me to do a post in more detail on the GIMP steps I used, and the whole process let me know. I can do a step by step guide for beginners (like me).

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