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Guess the Model – Part 3 (Building the Arm)


In case you missed the previous parts you can catch up here and here. The rules are simple. I build the model in the stages, based on the order in the manual. This stops me deliberately picking obscure parts. I then post up the sections as they are built and readers can guess what the model is. Today I am building the arm.

Technically this should be building the arms, however, I’m going to do building the arm as I got a sinus headache and blurry vision and went to lie down. However, it is enough to show you what it looks like, and to be fair I imagine a lot of people have guessed the model from the torso and head!

The first image “First set of parts” has the left and right arm parts. Each set lined up either side of the nippers. They form the shoulder joint and a key part of the elbow joint respectively.


I have to say building the arms on this model is quite a satisfying build. Seeing how all the parts layer up on each other, they create a real depth to the model. I have now completed the other arm. I will say the thumb is really solid on one, but very loose on the other. I’ll recheck the fit later. But so far that is my only gripe. This is a very satisfying build.

If you know what the model is please feel free to comment.

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