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Model Stands



Once you have spent all that time building your model(s) then people often want to display them. The options range from standing them up, to full on dioramas. Obviously some of it all comes down to how much time you want to spend on the display. However, if you want cheap, but effective the stands I have in stock may just be right for you!

Why would I want a stand?

Well to put it simple, it increases the number of poses for your model. That allows you to get even more out of the model you built. You can have them posed as jumping, or mid flight or all sorts when adding a stand in to the mix.


One of my friends and customers very kindly allowed me to use the following images from their collection:

As you can see the use of space has been maximised by attaching the bases to the wall allowing the models to float in mid air. This provides an excellent example of how ingenuity and these cheap stands can provide a great way to display your models.

Where can I get these wonderful stands?

Well I am very glad you asked me about that! I happen to have these very models in stock over at the shop here! Reasonably prices, and as you can see from the photos, they offer great options.


There are plenty of ways to display your models. There are no right, or wrong ways to do it. If you are having fun, and you like how they look then that is right.

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