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Advert / Stock 26/02/2023


Welcome to “Advert / Stock 26/02/2023” by weekly update on the stock available, and the links to get you filtered on the types of models you are interested in.

Model Kits Ltd is a UK based small independent retailer.

I started the company with a single aim. To try and help get models / kits into the hands of UK builders so that they can enjoy their hobby.

I have a range of HG/RG/MG kits such as the MG Astray Red Frame available here…/mg-gundam-astray-red…/

MG Astray

I also have a stock of the GUNPRIMER Balancers and some of the other GUNPRIMER products, as well as a supply of reasonably priced basic bases.

If you are thinking about picking up something new, or just want to have a browse for some inspiration please consider us as an option.

I am continuing to increase the breadth of stock available in the shop as items become available; including, but not limited to, adding an MGEX Strike Freedom when the box arrives. I had 3 but 2 have already been accounted for.

Thank you everyone for your support so far, and I hope you have a great week building!

The links to individual sections / filtered list items are below.

HG Kits

RG Kits

MG Kits

SD Kits

EG Kits

FM Kits…

PG Kits



Thank you for your support, and for getting to the end of “Advert / Stock 26/02/2023”!